School Holiday but Its Sucks!!!

Screamss!!!!!!!Holiday!!ya!hepi hepi hepi!
Time 2 enjoy!!

but???!ggrr!!I hve a lot of asignment & homewrk to do!!
slut!especially assignment sejarah~!
dush dush..i must go to muzium diraja johor..
snap pix and kaji bangunan tuh!
leceh nye~!
My teacher said,at least must have 4 sumber about the assignmt~
3.Melawat muzium
4.Go to arkib

huaarrh!ive got many problem with it u noe~!
1.4 internet:I can't print anything wht i had search like peta bcause i dun hve a printer at home!
huuaa??so how!
2.Interview:Aq dunnU spe aq nak interview
3.Melawat Muzium:I dunno with who can i go to muzium.With shahida?she's such a lazy gurl u noe!hahahaa,,
4.Go to arkib:With who?same problem like no3.
5.Newspper:Ade lgi ke pper pasal muzium diraja johor??
x de kan??

HAAAAAA!!SO HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME!!!

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Shahida said...

lazy gurl ??????
nnt ak snap kn la .

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