crazy time!

Hhaha~today im fucking tired lorrhh~
Firstly,,back frm school..i infrm my mom 1st..ahaha~
infrm what??lalala~my result(test 1)C(:(menggigil)
ahha~50%BAD 50% GOOD~how ya??C(:
erm~5 A 3 B 2 C 1 D !ggrrrr~!DONT CONDEMN ME PLZ!!

aftr that~on9~I dunno wht hpnd with myspace!!SAKIT HATI!!
load error load error load error!pale otak die larghh!!C(:
grr..my frnd said "tgh renovate/renew myspace",,erm~whtever la~
so, just chat chit chut with him(frnz) & on9 sjer~until 6pm~then off9
because raining heavily at here~

baring2 kat katil ku!!~muuaahhC(:
feel like want to sleep,but can't lA~Haiyo..fucking bored u noe~!!
then,,i saw my novel "My Secret Unicorn"on my table,,,tros amik!!C(:
i like tht book!intersting~!just read it~

then,,my mom back frm send my lil bro(si botak) went to tuisyn
then,,i feel like wnt to cook smthing~C(:
jangan ejek la ngok!!C(:
hehehe... im crazy??ya ya~
haha~mimpi je ngek!just helped my mother~
tlong ape??ahha..tlong tengok!
C(:..then,,i play with my cat ~
erm~not mine actually,,,the OLD CAT WITH HIS GF name black~
ahha....disturb his gf~pemalu punye kucing~
die rse die cntik~smpai orang nk pgang pon lari~

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Shahida said...

naz MASAK ? am i dreaming ?
anyways , cute cat lor ... :D

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